Meanwhile in a Parallel Universe by Jim

This superfastical piece was made by fellow tumblr jim «< You have to check out his tumblr. It’s amazing what this guy does with MS paint.


Is that Thom Yorke?


Explosive porcelain Martial arts by Martin Klimas

Photographer Martin Klimas has created some superb and explosive photographs of martial arts figures in porcelain. The porcelain figures are dropped from a height of three meters and photographed when they touch the ground, literally exploding, giving the photograph a huge energy.

Via Asylum Art


League of legends first timers.


Arbër Marra's Provocative Collages

Arbër Marra is interested in all types of visual arts, especially that of photography, design and provocative collage of course.  ‘Experimentation is the only way to understand how the unknown works and my work is the result of my exploration in these different art disciplines.’ he explains.


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Mesmerizing Animated Architecture GIFs by Axel de Stampa

Mesmerizing animated gifs created by French architect Axel de Stampa offer amazing perspectives. These pulsating and spinning buildings dance in this beautiful series. Architecture Animée. Stamps says, “Architecture Animée looks into the concept of motion in architecture.

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